Intergrams Archi

Na-Stol brings contemporary homeware design to your table. 

Na-Stol cherishes parties and spending time with friends and family. As this usually happens at the table filled with favourite meals and warming drinks, Na-Stol welcomes the guests with a functional yet a decorative piece in a house.

Just before the pandemic, Sofya moved to Scotland, into an iconic tenement with dreamy tall ceilings, where Na-Stol came about. As many of us, Sofya has spent a lot of time at home during pandemic. 

Turning this experience towards a positive direction, she begun decorating the environment she was in, making it into an elegant and a beautiful habitat.

Dinner is always a highlight in her house, wether it's an occasion with friends, spontaneous date night or a peaceful meal by yourself; she strives to make the kitchen into the heart of the house.

For the last decade, Sofya has been perfecting her visual language through drawing, to layer narratives with symbols. She invites the audience to see reflection of our lives, relate and connect to their memories.

Each piece is special and approached as an artwork, with gratitude and thought. 

Raised in a circle of women and watching different lives, influenced Sofya’s prime focus on describing a life of a woman. For Sofya, reading became a starting point as well as spending time in the nature to develop thoughts in to a specific series.

Quality and sustainability are the key factors of the products which comes from a strong connection and love for nature.

Each collection goes through a series of stages: exploring ideas and finalising them into drawings in the studio.

It leads the next step of the colour scheme decisions which settles it into the full body of work.

The prime product - tablecloths as well as many others in the collection, uses the base fabric and printed fabric. The digitally printed fabric is produced in an environmentally conscious studio. The images hold freedom of brush marks, rich colours and balanced composition to last many years on the fabric; turning the product into a heirloom.

Na-stol strives to use local fabrics and buying deadstock to rescue interesting alternatives. This is for the base of the product.

The digitally printed fabric is 100% linen or cotton from Whaleys Bradford which has been championing UK quality fabrics since the 19th century.

Each piece is crafted from the materials which will degrade and leave without staining the world. The long wearing pieces are made by hand, checking quality as the fabric turns into the finished product.

Natural threads are used to bring the work together. The construction of pieces with multiple fabrics means its zero waste process, as each scrap has it’s say in the next piece of work.