The Gardener 
This collection was inspired by an idea of ‘the Gardener’ who learns about people through the life of the plants. The Gardener begins to respond to plants, when they search for freedom. The plants teach them to let go of their own presumptions and fears and bring nature into their world.

The Gardener shuffles the soil throughout the year. Their feet walk on top of the soil with power; observing their creations & anticipating what is yet to come. The thoughts of the spontaneous & mysterious fight between the plants & the light fill their minds as they cannot keep up with the changes.

This mystery recalls people who were born in the 5th century BC. Those who were striving for the light, as it has no weight, dreamt of their spirits being lifted above the Earth.

The plants also depend on another source: the soil, which the Gardener sometimes neglects. The roots grow deep, settle in, & eventually, the springtime eats away the dead weeds of the flower bed. The smooth round seeds collected in Autumn are the treasure which add colour to the garden as these seeds turn into small faces & finally have a look.
Fresh beauties let the hopeful Gardener forget about the graveyard.

It’s celebrated as a tradition to have the most fertile garden. This intuitive Gardener trims, pulls back the weeds & eventually is so impressed by the enthusiasm of the plants. The plants finally take the form they wish for, making a harmonious environment.

Despite looking at the light, the Gardener is always connected to this Earth by the roots of their plants & the Gardener never sees an empty space.

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